Holly Winter Huppert is a writer, a photographer and a teacher living in upstate NY.

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In her latest book, Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer , Huppert writes with her signature humor, honesty and insights.


Cheese for Breakfast  is a joy ride of of the unexpected as Huppert takes a solo trip through Turkey in the summer of 2019.


Join Holly as she climbs castles, eats from communal bowls, joins a water fight from the back of a truck, lives with a Turkish family, visits remote areas and marks two lifelong dreams off of her bucket list.

Her book, Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story,  empowers children to help stop the spread of the virus. Parents everywhere having been using this book as a lifesaver in getting their children back on track when it comes to distance learning and having  a peaceful home. 50% of the proceeds of this book go to charity (People's Place in Kingston, NY).

When she couldn't find a writing book that taught both creativity and factual reporting, she wrote one herself. Write Now: Ideas for Writers has a combination of photos and writing prompts for both fiction and nonfiction. 

Her children’s book, No Pay? No Way! was published by Steck Vaughn a long time ago. She has written a number of articles for online and print publications. There are several other books with her name on them. Yes, she has a memoir (Unlikely Memories and Two Amnesias.)

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