May 19, 2016

I walked through a sudden downpour to pick up my 11-year-old nephew from middle school. He showed up with a backpack filled with the gross national product of information he had to learn that night and his saxophone.

“What a great day!” he said as the sun coordinated its shine with his exit from school.

He said he...

May 13, 2016

My suffering is complete. The only antidote is travel. Anywhere. For any amount of time. I must break free from my changeless ways and fly into the world.

After day after day of working in a small, windowless room, I seek the fix of sunshine and entertainment and rampages of the unexpected. Sure. I can dip into...

May 5, 2016

Everything is Different

It happened. It really happened. Everything is different.

You knew life was good, before. But didn’t know how happy you were or how lucky. You were living a quiet life of expectation while you waited for something even better to delight you.

Now? You’re a tangled mess. How could this happen?...

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