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A Feature Story in the Daily Freeman about Volunteering with Ukrainian Refugees

On November 8th the Daily Freeman published a feature story about my trip to Poland where I volunteered with Ukrainian refugees.

The article was written by long time Freeman reporter Patricia R. Doxsey for her Monday feature.

Photos were taken by Tania Barricklo who insisted on getting pictures of me both inside and outside my house, and then included another 18 photos from my summer away.

It's so interesting to see my life written and photographed by someone else. Someone who I never met before. Someone who approaches my life with curiosity and interest. Someone who has spent a lifetime perfecting her talents.

It is such an honor to be written and photographed by this amazingly talented duo.

Click HERE to see the story. (Only subscribers can read the story. One of my readers subscribed for $1 for six months so she could read it. So sweet.)

Tania also took a video of me discussing my summer. I may have mistakenly called the organization I volunteered with "A Drop in the Bucket" instead of "A Drop in the Ocean."


Mistakes are my stepping stones towards perfection. Clearly, for me, perfection remains just out of reach.

Here is a link to the video, that is housed on YouTube and can be watched by anyone with a spare minute or two.

Thanks to the Daily Freeman for using my story to inspire more people to help and volunteer for the things that they believe in.




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Holly Winter Huppert stands with a woman in the Mountains of Turkey.

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