Day 26: Donate and Get....

“This transaction is outside the United States. This transaction is cancelled.”


I spent most of the day trying to set up a donation button for people who want to donate money to help Ukrainian refugees from afar.

Since I’m setting it up from Poland, my computer is suspicious.

If only I’d thought about this when I was home.

The only way for me to figure it out is to use my business Paypal account. (Sorry to my accountant, Debra. We’ll figure it out at the end of the year, right?)

I finally got something to stick.

Click HERE if you want to read about the fundraiser, or donate.

Some people have to wait on line for an hour -- or longer... hoping that we have shoes that will fit them.

AND, you. Thank you. Really. Already.

The biggest gift you have given to the people of Ukraine is your attention to their plight by reading my writing. Some people report that it’s difficult to read about people going through hard times.

I know. I know.

I’ve shielded you from the most difficult stories.

There are unbelievable stories of illnesses brought on by the stress of moving to a different country because your country is at war. Even illnesses in children.

I didn’t know this could happen. Before now I thought that years of stress brought on medical emergencies like neurological issues or…

No. Not going down that dark tunnel right now.

How this works:

Teresa helped me shop for bras last week. We need more.

If you donate money, the money goes into my account. I go to the store and buy the shoes, socks, underwear, bras and we give them away to Ukrainian refugees for free.

We check passports to ensure the person standing in front of us has truly fled the war – they get a stamp in their passport. We record what they get: they can only get each new item one time. (One pair of shoes, five socks, five pair of underwear, two bras.)

Sometimes refugees must return to the shop again and again, from far away, hoping that we have their sizes.

Each week hundreds of people enter the store who are there for the first time. And even more return a second time hoping that we have shoes, socks, underwear and/or bras in their size.

Your donation will help me buy the things in the sizes we need.

ONE receipt for the bras we bought.

I put the fundraiser on Facebook last night. Already we have about $200 donated. Thank you so very much to people who have donated.

I am going shopping today. So excited.

Thank you for reading and being a part of this.

It means so much to me.

I’m going to sign this one, because it feels more like a letter from me to you. And I’m rushing a bit, because I want to send out the first postcard (Thanks Vicki!!!)

before I leave for volunteering.

To see the donor gifts, click the link below. Read more about the fundraiser or donate by clicking HERE.

Thank you so,

With great love,


I am a fan of the work A Drop in the Ocean (Drapen I Havet) is doing for Ukrainian refugees.

A silver and gold panel at my favorite church here in Krakow, Poland.
Met two more super cool people from the Go With Less group. After lunch and a walk, we visited my favorite church. Great to meet you Angelique and Mark -- full time travel nomads. (I raise my hand: I want this future. One day.)

GoWithLess - YouTube Here's the link to the youtube channel and Facebook group in case you want to check out the group.





Thanks for reading.



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