Turkey Adventure 2019: Day 3: Izmir

July 9, 2019

Turkey: 7 5 19
Day 3: Izmir

Holly Winter


                                 (Ring on priest's hand, Izmir Archeological Museum, Izmir)


Izmir is 7,800 years old and has been in a never ending game of "hot potato for its entire life. This seaport has been ruled by the Greeks, the Romans, the Persions, the Ottomans, the Ionians and the Muppets. (Cut the Muppets from that list.) Not to be a name dropper, but Marcus Aurelias hung out here and so did Socretes. I was looking forward to going to the Izmir Archeological Museum which is filled with relics found--outside. (I wonder if the people of Izmir dig up statues in their flower gardens. Best garden decorations, ever! A headless marble statue would be better than a scarecrow.)

Google brought me through new neighborhoods and I enjoyed looking in the windows of the shops along the way as I did my best to ignore the stray dogs and cats that followed me in hopes of a treat. The museum organized its collections by age, and I did my best to understand the different periods and listened to the audio guide again and again, but I walked away with one main learning: they found a statue of a priest and he is wearing a ring. (See photo.) I hung out in the Kulturpark so I could remember what trees looked like and then walked over to Lunapark and checked out the rides.

I'm bummed that this is my last night in Izmir. To celebrate my birthday, I treated myself to a giant bowl of ice-cream and sat on a bench near the ocean and watched people walk by.

Life is sweet! 

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