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Worthy Skin Care--We use pure, natural ingredients to offer the best in plant-based products. When our founder, Holly Winter Huppert, had an allergic reaction that left her with permanent scars on her face, she set out on an all-natural quest to, at the very least, moisturize those marks.

After researching for over a year, she developed a moisturizer based on the science that came directly from nature: pure, unrefined, cold-pressed and organic oils and butters. She developed Worthy Moisturizer and used it day and night for two years. Her scars are completely erased. (You can't see where they were, and the skin is completely smooth with normal pigmentation.)

As people around her noticed her healthier skin, they asked for samples, and as their skin-health improved, they asked for more until Worthy Skin Care was born.

Our Bestsellers:

Our Worthy Moisturizer (Shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil and more)  became an instant bestseller. Then Holly went back to the research and searched out the healthiest combination of oils that would bring the maximum benefit to her skin: Worthy Face Serum has become a favorite with all skin types.

To learn more, see photos and watch the video of Holly telling the story of starting this line, check out her page       Etsy: worthyskincare

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