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Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer
Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story
Write Now Front Cover
Hans Goes to Snow Day School
Caution: Do Not Read This Book
Caution: Do Not Read This Book

Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story​

Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story follows a 6-year-old boy who helps protect his family from the coronavirus by following the “Healthy 7” habits.


In a time when the entire world is struggling to stay healthy, Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story, empowers children to help their extended family stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic and long after it’s over.

Hans Helps is available as an Ebook

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Write Now: Ideas for Writers

When author Holly Winter Huppert couldn't find an instructional writing book that taught creative writing as well as factual writing, she wrote one herself. Write Now: Ideas for Writers includes both fiction and nonfiction writing prompts as well as full page photographs taken by the author. The book runs 36 pages


Caution: Do Not Read This Book

As a child, did you believe in mermaids, steal chocolate from your mother or have to tolerate a younger sibling’s rants? What did you think about when you were bored? Were you accident-prone or sports minded? Did you prefer playing with Legos or building snow forts? Read as seventeen children approach their lives with honesty, humor and surprise. Edited by Holly Winter.

Everything is a Song: Our Stories


Middle school students were asked to write a story that defines who they are. This book, edited by Holly Winter,  is a collection of their stories.


Help support children with chronic illnesses by buying the book. You'll be amazed at the high quality of the writing and the intensity of the ideas. 



Unlikely Memories and Two Amnesias

Holly Winter is a camera without film. She is a woman without a history. In this memoir, Winter helps us laugh in the face of adversity as she proves, time and again, that she is more than her medical history.


Read about her struggles with two unrelated forms of amnesia, both debilitating. These short stories are set against an inspirational backdrop of travel, dating, cooking, teaching—and remembering who she is.

Holly Winter redefines "normal" for people living with major disabilities. Readers become voyeurs into her life and struggles and leave comforted that "medicals" are only one part of this talented writer's life.

Marjory Endalle--Writer's Unite



Holly Winter is a singer-songwriter without the music. You'll find yourself tapping your foot and nodding your head as she weaves her life into words.

Benny Barlough--Write For Keeps

Testimonials for "Unlikely Memories and Two Amnesias"


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