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Holly Winter Huppert
Winuply Education's

Evidence-Based Programming

Evidence Based FIRST

Stop Spending Money on learning curriculums that Don’t Work.


Let me guess: you bring two to four new research-based programs to your teachers every year.


You pilot some, you force feed others. You feel like you’re keeping your students learning in the most modern and research driven way.


But, you’re basically pulling at straws, trying to find something that will teach all students and raise test scores.


Why is the perfect curriculum so hard to find?


The programs you consider promise to be the only/best/perfect program for you.


You trust. You buy.


The programs don’t increase learnings or raise test scores.


So you start the same cycle over and over again.


Your teachers are tired. Your students are frustrated. Your school board is wary of your promises. The community is buying pitchforks with your name on them.


Wake up. There’s an easier way.


Hi, I’m Holly Winter Huppert. I’ve been an educational consultant for over thirty years—ever since I was nominated to be Teacher of the Year for the United States.


The woman calling me from the education department in Washington D.C. could tell I wasn't interested in the nomination for Teacher of the Year.


She said into the phone, “You have a strong chance of winning.”

I mumbled something like, "Thanks, but no thanks."


Even when the woman said I would win, I declined.


I kept thinking that there was more to education that I had to figure out.


Funny thing: thirty-four four years later and I’m still riding the changing times and  figuring out the best ways to get learnings to stick. 

What have I learned? 

What works. What doesn't work.

And there's so much more to learn. Always more.

For Free for You 

Here are my two biggest learnings I've gleaned from my years of consulting with learning institutions and schools all over the world.


These learnings are my gift for you. 


These are the same problems I see in every district I work with.


You’re welcome.


#1: Research Based isn’t Enough:


You need Evidence Based practices. You need stories of school districts that used research-based program X in a Y way and saw ongoing growth for years after the program started.


Stop listening to random curriculum companies. They aren’t there to support your students’ learning needs: they want your money.


#2: Milk Your Experts:


If you have a teacher who is an expert in teaching emerging readers, and you institute a new reading program that all teachers must use, then your experts are reduced to the same level as new teachers.


Never strip your experts of their knowledge.


Need help?


I am an educational consultant that helps boost the scores of your entire school district.




Oh, that depends on what you’re looking for.


One way: Writing Experience: Because


It’s my most popular program. You include every educator, teacher's aide, counselor and related service provider (every means every) in your district, regardless of level, into a space (some districts rent out theaters for this event.)


The Writing Experience: Because is a multi-media experience that keeps educators laughing while learning research trends in education--and where they're going, give examples about what works, offer practices to help your educators understand the DO THIS and the DON’T DO THAT to help all students remember, learn and extend new information.

One administrator wrote after the experience,


"I feel like you moved our district into the modern age of education in the most entertaining, inspiring and informative way possible -- and in 2 hours. We look forward to your return visit to build on learnings."

Another wrote, "I've never seen my educators more excited to teach. Thank you for giving them permission to make learning fun."

One more: "It's been two years since our experience. I wanted to let you know that your lessons have been long lasting -- our test scores continue to climb. You were right: when fundamentals are understood by all teachers, learnings last longer."





No, sorry. I won't choose your curriculums, but I can meet with you and help you ask the right questions.


Reach out if you’d like to start a conversation. (mshollywinter @ –remove the spaces) (Or fill out the contact form below.)


Each workshop and learning session is tailored to your exact needs.


One day with me costs between $5,000 and $15,000 plus expenses. To secure a place on my calendar, you must pay a 50% nonrefundable deposit up front.


In person time slots for 2023 and 2024 are filled. There are a few time slots available for Zoom Learning sessions. 

If additional dates open, they will be announced here.


My workshops and experiences are story-based, fun, memorable and provide hands-on learning opportunities and make a positive impact on your students, your teachers and your test scores. 

Best of luck to you in surpassing your educational goals. 

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Holly Winter Huppert
Winuply Education's

Evidence-Based Programming

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Writing Experience: Because


All educators from all levels meet for a 2-3 hour lecture about the inspiration, education and researched strategies to increase learning outcomes and test scores in all learning areas.



Ten Top Strategies to Increase Writing Skills that Accelerate all Learning Outcomes:


Districts can choose what level to target the workshop:


  • Writing Acquisition

  • Elementary School

  • Middle School

  • High School


Integrating Special Education Students into all Classrooms



Educating gen-ed teachers on dealing with sped students



Trauma Informed Education: Teaching and Reaching All Students



Proven Strategies to Motivate Students at All Levels in Math, Reading, Writing and Learning

Schools receive a 10% discount on books bought in bulk when ordering directly from Holly Winter Huppert.

Some workshops come with free books for the school or for students. Ask Holly for more information.

For an additional fee, schools can contract with Holly to do an assembly with students and hold a book signing in addition to the teacher/staff workshops.

Children in School Bus

Workshops are tailored to your district's goals and needs.

Clapping Audience

Full Day Workshops Available for all levels

Boy Raising Hand

How can I support your educational vision?

This is the best educational training I have taken in my career.

Nicole Vern

Holly's books have become the curriculum for my students. My 5th graders love to write now.

Suzanne Levis

My student's writing scores increased by 10%. I wish I had taken this years ago.

Calvin Node

Live Workshops  

I hold live workshops and conferences for school districts around the world.


Web Workshops  

I hold web workshops and conferences for school districts around the world.

Meeting Room
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Enter information below to connect.

Or email me at

winuplypress at gmail dot com 

Thanks for visiting.

I look forward to working with you and your school district to beat your educational goals.

With great respect,


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