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Books by Holly Winter Huppert:

Huppert's Books Shine a Light on the Unexpected.


"Huppert's Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer is
required reading for all who travel and all who want to travel."

                                                 5 Stars! Highly Recommend."
                                                     Charles Desmond -- Travels Without a Plan 

Holly Winter Huppert
 is known for...

Holly Winter Huppert is known for writing funny. And writing true. And keeping you guessing as for what comes next. She has been published and featured in many print and digital venues. Huppert started her own publishing company when she tired of traditional book publishers taking so.....very....long to produce her books. She loves the control that she has in hiring industry experts to help her produce her books in a quality far better than she would get with traditional publishing houses. Quality is something she is proud to bring to her books. What does she write? Whatever she wants to write. (Links below.) Most of her books are nonfiction. Check out her bestselling book, Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer for travel essays that will help you step into another culture where you don't speak the language or know your way around. This book has been called "A wild ride" and "Essential travel reading."  Huppert first became known for her writing about her two unrelated forms of amnesia as she wrote about in her memoir, Unlikely Memories and Two Amnesias.  She has several children's books out and several books of writing by children that she has edited.  Her next book, Unimaginable: Volunteering for Ukrainian Refugees is due June of 2023. Sign up for updates at the bottom of this page, or on the publishing website. Don't worry, Huppert won't spam you with constant emails: she's way too busy for that.

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Unimaginable: Volunteering for Ukrainian Refugees


Holly Winter Huppert’s forthcoming book, Unimaginable: Volunteering for Ukrainian Refugees relates Holly's journey to Poland four months after Russia invaded Ukraine where she volunteered for Ukrainian refugees and learned how to help people faced with hopelessness. 

Huppert wrote daily columns during her 7 weeks in Poland that were read around the world. Here in Unimaginable: Volunteering for Ukrainian Refugees, she includes the writing that captured the worlds’ attention and then writes about the one event that she had to hold in secret—until now.

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Muddy Popcorn KDP (1).png
Muddy Popcorn KDP (1).png

Muddy Popcorn: The Draw and Write Journal for Kids


Hey Kids,

Here is the journal you asked for. Muddy Popcorn: The Draw and Write Journal for Kids.

You wanted room to write, BUT NOT TOO MUCH ROOM.

You wanted room to draw, BUT NOT ON THE SAME PAGE.

You wanted your journal to look like a journal for older kids.

You favorite writing teacher, Holly Winter Huppert heard your requests and wrote this journal for you.

She also included:

  • a fancy way to date your entries,

  • a place to check off your work and

  • several pages of writing ideas.

As a bonus (We all love a good bonus!) she also included ideas on:

  • how to make your writing longer and more interesting.

And. Yes. She answers the question everyone is asking,

  • "Why is this journal called, "Muddy Popcorn"?

Cheese Front FINAL .jpg

Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer

Holly Winter Huppert’s Cheese for Breakfast: My Turkish Summer is a joy ride of surprises; a perfect escapist read. Join her as she climbs castles, eats from communal bowls, joins a 40-minute water fight from the back of a truck, and lives with a Turkish family.

Huppert writes with her signature humor, honesty and insights as she brings the stories and photos of her travels home to us.

hans helps by Holly Winter Huppert mshol

Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story​

Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story follows a 6-year-old boy who helps protect his family from the coronavirus by following the “Healthy 7” habits.


In a time when the entire world is struggling to stay healthy, Hans Helps: A Coronavirus/COVID-19 Story, empowers children to help their extended family stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic and long after it’s over.

(Note: Hans Helps was written at the start of the pandemic before mask mandates started. In this book, Hans does not wear a mask or discuss masks.) 

Hans Helps is available as an Ebook:

Hans Helps for Sale at KOBO
Hans Helps Available on NOOK at Barnes and Noble
Hans Helps Available on Apple Books
Hans Helps Ebook for Sale at Barnes and Noble
Hans Helps Available on 24 Symbols
Hans Helps on Vivlio
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Write Now: Ideas for Writers

When author Holly Winter Huppert couldn't find an instructional writing book that taught creative writing as well as factual writing, she wrote one herself. Write Now: Ideas for Writers includes both fiction and nonfiction writing prompts as well as full page photographs taken by the author. The book runs 36 pages


Caution: Do Not Read This Book

As a child, did you believe in mermaids, steal chocolate from your mother or have to tolerate a younger sibling’s rants? What did you think about when you were bored? Were you accident-prone or sports minded? Did you prefer playing with Legos or building snow forts? Read as seventeen children approach their lives with honesty, humor and surprise. Edited by Holly Winter.

Everything is a Song: Our Stories


Middle school students were asked to write a story that defines who they are. This book, edited by Holly Winter,  is a collection of their stories.


Help support children with chronic illnesses by buying the book. You'll be amazed at the high quality of the writing and the intensity of the ideas. 

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