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Book for Writers: Write Now: Ideas for Writers

I'm so excited to announce the publication of my latest book, "Write Now: Ideas for Writers" by Winuply Press in New York. Click HERE to buy now (or go to my home page).

The book is a compilation of photographs curated from my personal photography obsession of more than 200,000 photos taken over the last fifteen years. Each photo is matched with a writing prompt.

Please check out the book. Share my news with your friends. There nothing more exciting for a writer than to see her latest ideas solidified into a book that she can hold and share with the people she loves.

You've been thinking about penning a book, haven't you? Well. Start with these writing prompts. See if you can write three pages (OR MORE) on each topic. The more you write, the better your writing skills. Let this Write Now: Ideas for Writers nurture your love of writing and help increase your writing skills. You're welcome.

Thanks to the hidden gem, Winuply Press, for their dedicated pursuit of publishing high quality informational books. In the world of careless publishing practices, I'm fortunate that Winuply and their extraordinary staff has given a safe haven/home to my books.

Currently the price of Write Now: is $10, which is the lowest price permitted for this colorful book. Consider this a "Friends and Family" sale. They'll have to UP the price before November15th so that the book can be a part of a world wide distribution push. (Yes. That costs.)

Hurry friends and family. Join in the love fest of this book. Buy before the price settles in a higher place.

Thank you friends for enabling me to create my heart's desire year after year.

I love you.

Really. Really.



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