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How Mom’s Intuition Saved me from a Terrorist Attack

Although I write stories about my life in my creative nonfiction essays, I’ve shied away from writing this story. Most of my people have never heard about the time when I planned a surprise party, then didn’t go because my mother was inflexible in her plans to visit me in Denver, Colorado where I lived at the time.

"But mom," I said. "You're retired. You can come and visit me any time."

"No." Mom said. "These dates work best for me. I'll start the long drive on September 11th at 9:00 AM."

In my family when my parents don't do what you want them to do, you exhale slowly and say, "Ok, mom. Whatever you think." and you hide your annoyance.

I've never written this story

I’ve been pulled by the pendulum between hiding my truths thus never being seen or understood, and telling my truths and insulting those who didn’t know about them. I imagine getting ten thousand text messaged that read, “I thought we were friends. How come you never told ME?”

Yesterday before I video-chatted with a best friend, I decided to tell her this story so she wouldn’t happen upon it and feel cheated from never hearing it from me. But then we were on the phone talking and laughing about other things and I got distracted and forgot to tell her.

That chapter in my life has become an isolated incident that I dance around. Distract. Distract. Distract.

This year I decided to let someone else write this story. I wrote it then she rewrote it as if I’d been interviewed. It’s a short read on the Reader’s Digest website as the first part of a longer “Twist of Fate” compilation. It feels right to take a painful experience and let the publication known for condensing stories publish it.

It’s a baby step towards writing my full truths myself.

Maybe one day I’ll write the whole story. Until then, feel free to click the link below to get the gist.

Click HERE to read more.

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