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Dear Pal,

It's cold here in NY, which should not be a surprise in as such it is winter and all. But it is a bitter cold that has overextended its welcome. Be gone bitter cold. Be gone now. How easily I've forgotten that rare 60 degree day we had a few weeks ago. It seems like a twisted lie, that warm day. And now we are being punished for that lie, by colder days and colder nights and don't even ask about the afternoons.

Speaking of things we say to children, I hope your situation has resolved with the kid on your basketball team. I've done things like this before and it feels icky. I will say that my favorite way to release the pain and the memory is to say to the student, "Sorry I got that wrong. Sometimes I get things wrong. I can do better. I will do better. But if I ever mess up again, please tell me so I can apologize right away.


Kids usually like that.

And. Besides. Even if it didn't all smooth over, we're all a f****** work in progress, with limited perfectionistic possibilities. So when we're not perfect, it's just part of the blind jaunt through the park where we're bound to step in dog shit now and then.

Stand tall. Wash your shoes off. Move on.

And if you do that, I'll do the same.

I went to a psychic last night to see if she could diagnose my pain and gift me with additional information.

I drove to her house. Parked outside. Traipsed through the snow to her back door, only to be told to go to the front door. Ok. Fine. The walk isn't shoveled, how do they get to the front door--no footsteps in the snow. (Do they have a helicopter?) I greeted her. Sat in her 80 billion degree office for my session.

She said, "Do you have any questions?"

I said. "I've been in terrible pain for months. The doctors say..."

She closed her eyes and opened them and looked deep into my soul.

This was the moment I paid $150 for.

Then she said, "What pain?"

Since I choose to live to live in a positive light, I this must mean that the pain is on it's way out. I can practically feel it dimming as we speak. How lucky I am in this light-oh-lime.

She did tell me to write my book on Turkey and that it will be a best seller.

Other people go to the psychic for answers. I go the psychic for homework.

Oh, fortunate me.

As such please expect much longer emails from me for all forms of procrastination are on, except cleaning out the refrigerator. (I'm saving that for spring cleaning.)

Really. I hope you are feeling better.

Let me know if you need the phone number of that psychic.




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