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Sound the Trumpets: The Books are here. The Books are Here!

Oh friends,

Time to celebrate.

The books arrived.

In the dark of night.

On my front porch,

without fanfare.

There may have been a happy dance or two as I wrestled the boxes inside.

Hey, it only took 45 days for the books to travel a few hundred miles. If only these books could talk and tell us their travel adventures.


Although, come to think of it, if you're in the mood for a travel adventure, check out the book about my time volunteering with Ukrainian refugees four months after the War on Ukraine started.

Thanks for all the cool people who already ordered. Those packages will be shipped tomorrow.

And thanks for all of the cool people who are ready to order. I ship every day the post office is open.

Or feel free to order from your favorite bookstore. Because you can.

And thanks for joining in my ongoing celebration.

It's more fun with you here.


Love Holly




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