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Reading with Your Kids

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Reading to your children might be the easiest thing you can do to help pave their road to academic success. 
By reading to your children up to the age of 12, and maybe even after that if you both enjoy the process, you are teaching many things. 

Like what?

When you read aloud to your child,


you are teaching/helping your child learn...

* vocabulary in context

* varied vocabulary

* listening comprehension 

* a connection between listening/speaking/reading

* that those squiggles on the page have meaning

* a love of being read to helps promote a love of reading which helps to spark an interest in learning how to read

* background knowledge about a variety of things

* new ideas

* increasing attention span -- or the ability to pay attention to one thing for a longer amount of time -- which increases learning potential

* setting up your child to be a life long learner

* problems and solutions and how to empathize by listening to stories

* how to spend quality time with someone you care about by sitting close together and listening to a book read
* that we are the kind of family that loves to read. Loves books. Loves to spend time together reading.

Benefits of Reading to Your Kids

Thank YOU!

Thank you to parents and friends and extended families for reading to your children. You're helping your children love words and understand that words have meaning and that characters are believeable. Mostly you're making my job of educating children easier.

Thank you for reading to your children even when you are tired. Thank you for reading to your children even when you're not feeling well. Thank you for reading to your children even when your children aren't in the mood to listen to a story.

You've made a commitment to read to your children--and every single day (okay... most days) you show up and read.

Your time and attention matters. You are helping your children love learning.

Thank you for being the kind of parent who helps your child love learning.

I thank you on behalf or myself and all of the educators of the world who will work with your children for many years to come.

We appreciate you!

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