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A Quick Cry

I have this habit that I do every time I finish a book and send it off for its final proofread.

I sit on the floor and cry.

And sob.

No, not in relief.

In fear.

What if it's not good enough? Or even worse, what if it's not done yet and I made a mistake to turn it in?

Tonight is that night.



Good news: The book about my travels in Poland is done.

I sat on the floor, crying and my puppy thought it was a celebratory cry, for finishing the book.

It. Is. Done.

Unimaginable: Volunteering with Ukrainian Refugees has taken its first steps towards being finished.

Tonight I cry.

Tomorrow I'll conquer the world.

No worries. I'll be fine.

I was born to write about my adventures.

I got this.




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Holly Winter Huppert stands with a woman in the Mountains of Turkey.

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