• Holly Winter Huppert


Morning Reflections:

My creek shimmers in greeting as the leaves on my trees offer a slow wave.

Good morning trees.

There were ducks on the creek last night. Calm. Swimming upstream. They didn’t appear cold or lost or scattered. Floating.

The traffic scuttles by on the highway, synchronized traffic. Everyone is going in the same direction at the same speed. Without apology. There’s a calm to this orderly migration of people who have their own reasons, their perfected rhymes. Their steady flow reinforces sameness.

One lone bird flaps through the sky in its own direction, away from the traffic yet not towards my house. For birds the highway is haphazard; they go where they want, nose to the future.

There are few red cars on the road. When did we all start driving gray? Even my car has turned from red to gray due to availability at the time of purchase. The used car salesman said that there are fewer reds on the road, but I wonder if the red car peoples love their red cars forever.

My car is gray. I love it the same as I love the winter sky with scattered clouds and wisps of clouds and bold blankets of clouds. The sky never changes, never-ever: it goes from sky to sky to sky, at times more or less colorful or clouded, but always sky.

Other mornings I collect thoughts from the abyss and hold their heaviness, but this morning is different; the words are easier, lighter. When I wake this way, filled with poetry and in peace, the words come from deep within.

These words right the waves.

I almost feel connected.


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