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Front Page News. Who me?

It's so cool to have made the front page of the Hudson Valley One newspaper in Kingston, New York. Susan Farkas wrote an article on my volunteering for Ukrainian refugees.

Is HV1 the only newspaper that continues to write--long? Perhaps, and I'm so grateful for their time and attention to get my story right.

Thanks to Dion Ogust for the photo that took a very difficult subject (me) and found a good angle.

Check out my photo and article in the Hudson Valley One newspaper: Click HERE:

It's a gift to have someone else write my story. Thanks for your massive talents, Susan.

And what a relief that Hudson Valley One sent a talented photographer to make me look--almost relaxed. Thanks Dion.





Thanks for reading.

xxoo HwH


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Holly Winter Huppert stands with a woman in the Mountains of Turkey.

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Thanks so much!

In this photo, Holly is posing with the "Lucky Statue." Lore has it that if you rub his knee, you will win the lottery. Check back often to find out the outcome of this visit.


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