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My Summer Travel Plans: Ukraine

Here I come, Ukraine.

The author, Holly Winter Huppert, shows photos of herself in  Poland last year. This year she will return to Poland and travel into Ukraine.

I am ready to travel. Well, almost. Just under two weeks till I fly.

This summer?


Two days after school lets out, I will return to Krakow, Poland to join a guide who brings supplies into Ukraine. We will deliver aide to people who need it most.


It's the only trip I want to take that summer. Well, that and a week in France (Stay tuned, France) and maybe even a week in Denver. (Stay tuned Denver.)

Want to follow along my trip to Ukraine?

I will post there, regularly. You can sign up to get email updates each time I post.

Not sure if I can post daily while I am inside Ukraine but will take great notes and make up when I return.

Thanks for following my journeys.

💚💚XXOO, Love Holly 🙋‍♀️

PS: Once again, I am closing most of my businesses this summer.

Winuply Press: Filling book orders through June 20th. My books can be ordered from any bookstore near you. (More info soon on my latest book: Unimaginable: Volunteering for Ukrainian Refugees.) Click HERE.

Skincare orders: Order by June 20 to get your Worthy Face Serum before I leave. Orders will reopen when I return the middle of August. Click HERE.

But... puzzles and journals and my printed materials will be available while I am gone-- Click HERE.

And I will host meetings for my W-ED consulting company from Krakow. Most of the dates are filled: I love consulting with schools and institutions that want to make positive changes.

I love following my many interests as I run three small businesses, but I also love turning them off for a few months a year.

Thanks for following along as I fuel my passions with travel, writing and adventuring.




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Holly Winter Huppert stands with a woman in the Mountains of Turkey.

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