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Unintentional Synchronicity in Learning VFX

As a way to procrastinate cleaning my office before 2024 started --

(Yeah, that date came too fast. New date set: The office will (maybe) be cleaned by Valentine's Day.),

I decided to learn postproduction video editing, also known as VFX (video effects.)

This is where you take a regular -- boring video and change it.

This video is an example of that.

My goal is one video each day. As of today, I have 16 videos finished.

Can I keep up this whirlwind learning curve?


Click HERE or click the photo to the left to see video #13 that was posted on 1/13.

I only noticed today that my video number matches the date. And so do all of the others that I've posted so far.

Cool, eh?

We'll call it unintentional synchronicity.

Check out Video #13: as I learn #vfx skills.


Love Holly




Day 21: Trauma Talk part 2

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