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Where is Holly Traveling this Summer?

Holly is closing her businesses for the summer and heading to Poland to support Ukrainian refugees.

Anyone who wants to buy a book from Winuply Press must buy on or before next Sunday, June 26th. Click HERE to order a book.

If you're going to run out of Worthy Face Serum before the end of August, order now. Or order on or before June 26th. Click HERE to order Worthy Face Serum.

Holly will post her daily updates here on her blog at

And just because links-are-the-world, here's one more link to Holly's Instagram page where she will post photos. Click HERE.

It is unfortunate that (Look! It's Holly writing this now!)... as I was saying, it's unfortunate that I can't be everywhere at once and do everything.

The organization I will be working with asked if I would like to work with children, or if I'm tired of working with children since that's what I do every-darn-day.

Yes, I want to work with children. But don't worry: I understand that trials of working with children who are displaced and living in trauma. I promise not to offer anything more than a smile and a kind heart.

There are ongoing issues in refugee camps where volunteers spend so much time and effort smoozing the children that the children become overly attached -- and then are traumatized all over again when the volunteer leaves.

Don't worry about displaced children imprinting me and thinking that I am their avenue out of despair.

For I am not an avenue or even a path. But I am willing to sit with them in their despair and remind them that they are strong and that they matter.

Wish me luck!



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Holly Winter Huppert is a writer, a photographer and a kindergarten teacher living in upstate NY. Along with teaching and writing, Holly runs two small businesses: a publishing house (Winuply Press) and a Skin Care Company (Worthy Skin Care.)


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