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Why I Don't Like Young Children Learning on the Computer

"Hey kids, stop learning. It's your turn on the computer..."

I just wrote a post on Linkedin about young children learning on the computer. Read it HERE.


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Holly Winter Huppert is a writer, a photographer and a kindergarten teacher living in upstate NY. Along with teaching and writing, Holly runs two small businesses (that are closed for the summer while she travels): a publishing house (Winuply Press) and a Skin Care Company (Worthy Skin Care.)


Check out Holly's Writing Masterclass for Parents of Young Children, a work of heart that Holly did as a service to parents during the pandemic. Holly's area of expertise is in teaching writing to children, and she shares her knowledge in this video. No charge. No signups. Just information. (Want more connecting children and writing? Check out Holly's book of children's writing prompts: Write Now: Ideas for Writers.)


Holly Winter Huppert Upstate New York


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